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We are part of the Quantik family.

For 20 years we have been helping organisations achieve their business objectives through outsourcing services powered by automation.

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We grow your business

We combine technology, business skills, creativity and a great team to optimise your processes and identify growth opportunities.

Much more than a contact center

Markets evolve, and so do we. That is why, in addition to the classic customer service, technical support, revenue generation and back office services, we incorporate IVR (interactive voice response) and RPA (robotic process automation) solutions, which allow us to automate the simplest and most repetitive tasks, in order to focus the effort and time of our agents on the more complex and higher value tasks.

We have the technological support of Quantik, which allows us to design technological solutions that fit your processes and boost your organisation.

Strong and meaningful relationships with your audiences

We care about making your customers happy. From Uruguay, our talented team works to raise the quality of your customer service and make your company the best version of you, no matter where you are.

A safe bet

Clutch, the review platform for B2B companies, selected us as one of the leading BPO service providers in Uruguay in 2021.

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