What do the contact centers of the future look like?

Omni-channel, artificial intelligence and bots with human voice are some of the concepts that are already being applied. 


Omni-channel, artificial intelligence and bots with human voice are some of the concepts that are already being applied. 

Like all other industries, contact centers are constantly being transformed by new technologies. These changes impact both the strategic aspects of organisations and the relationships between them and their customers or users. 

Specialised customer contact areas must rise to the challenges posed by a more accelerated life and a reduction in the time and attention span of users. Today's audiences are more demanding and expect better quality, personalised responses in less time. 

Omnichannel, AI and bots that sound like people

Omni-channel is a good option to adapt to these challenges. It is about providing a service through different channels and with the same quality.  

Another alternative is to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). Automated assistants, such as bots, can be effective, depending on the case. For example, according to a survey, 75% of millennials prefer to contact brands via chat or message rather than by phone.

What paths are companies taking?

On the other side of the coin, according to Statista, by 2021, 48% of companies will be applying AI and machine learning to interact with their customers. This figure was 28% in 2020. 

According to the same survey(Statista), it is estimated that this year 57% of companies worldwide are using AI and machine learning to improve customer experience (vs. 34% in 2020). Meanwhile, 50% of companies (vs. 37% in 2020) apply these technologies to generate insights about their consumers (i.e. implicit aspects of the way they think, feel or act that produce opportunities for new products and strategies).  

Advances in technology also allow AI to be integrated into more traditional systems, such as telephone calls. Voice recognition systems incorporate AI to converse with people in a fluid way, with tones and idioms to make the dialogue as natural as possible. 

What does automation look like in a real case? 

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