Highlight: Porto Seguro

We assembled a team of professionals to process outstanding cases. By August, the annual turnover target had already been exceeded - find out how we did it!



In December 2018, we created a team for Porto Seguro 's Recoveries area to support the processing of the backlog of cases.


How to speed up the process? How to avoid losses due to overdue debts? How to contribute to the annual turnover target?

What we did

We set up a working group to resolve outstanding cases.

How we did it

We formed a team of three people with complementary skills: one had a commercial and negotiation background, one had legal knowledge of debt management, and the third was an expert in early and late default.


In January 2019, after receiving training, the group started working in the Porto Seguro offices, with the support of Synapsis leaders.

In March , the monthly targets were already being met; in May, they were exceeded.

In August, the annual turnover target was reached four months ahead of schedule.

In December, the recovery target was 150% over-achieved and the team processed all outstanding cases.

In September 2021 we will continue to work with Porto in other areas to improve processes. We have 13 employees in Legal, Administration and Finance, Human Resources, Underwriting, Claims and Rental.



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