An international company

We adapt to the languages your organisation speaks: our multilingual team provides support in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

We cover all time zones, to meet your audiences when they need it.

We help you to disembark in Latin America, to ensure the fluidity of your operations.


We work with passion and commitment to ensure the confidence, security and satisfaction of your audiences.

We incorporate technology applied to care processes, with automation combined with human management to achieve the greatest efficiency in our customised solutions.

We use omnichannel contact center tools to centralise, manage and improve response times to telephone, chat, email, social media, WhatsApp and SMS requests. We also create bots (chatbots, mailbots and voicebots) that integrate with any platform and channel.

The more than 500 people who are part of our care team operate from Uruguay to the world backed by international certifications (as COPC-registered coordinators).

We understand the challenges of technical support operations and systems. That is why we accompany you as consultants in the selection and optimisation of technological tools, within the organisation and with end users, on the basis of customised projects.

We cover IT help desk, support services and specialised technical back-up. We work in partnership with Isbel, Quantik 's technology integrator with 40 years of experience, which underpins and enhances our capabilities.

Our technical knowledge, service vocation and adherence to your processes allow us to provide quick solutions to your customers.

We identify, inform and bring potential customers to your business.

We use research techniques to understand the market, create and implement business plans that increase your company's revenue.

How we can help

  • Implementation of commercial strategies.
  • Implementation of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Traditional telesales(up selling, cross selling).
  • Inside sales.
  • Appointment scheduling through automation (bots).
  • Lead qualification.
  • Sales on leads generated.

We understand the particularity of each organisation (business model, industry and systems) and the importance of the data it generates on a daily basis.

That's why we use systems that simplify the tasks of registering, archiving, consulting, transferring and reusing documents, to manage the most relevant information for your business.

How we can help

  • Control of contractual documentation.
  • Activation of services.
  • Management of returned shipments.
  • Data digitisation.
  • Management of sales channels(channel enablement).