Highlight: BROU

In four weeks we achieved almost 100% effectiveness - find out how we did it!



Every year, BROU (Banco República, Uruguay) conducts a telephone survey to measure customer satisfaction. Over time, the databases grew and it became unsustainable to meet the target of users consulted by telephone.   

One of the conditions for improving the process was that the telephone medium and the interaction with a human operator be maintained.


How to comply with the scope without changing the telephone medium? How to streamline the measurement process?  

What we did  

We proposed a partially automated contact system.  

How we solved it  

We created a new survey format: a human-voiced bot called customers and generated a first filter of who wanted to answer the survey. If the person said yes, a contact center agent would call them back and take the survey.  

Our promise: to reach the target of people surveyed in less than three months.  


We achieved the target of 800 cases in 4 weeks.  

For the first time, the effectiveness of the calls approached 100%.  



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