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Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses of all sizes with the service providers they need in order to improve their productivity and profitability. In light of our efforts to bolster our clients’ operations, Synapsis has been recognized as a top BPO services provider in 2021 by Clutch.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has its pros and cons, and not all businesses have the adequate resources to engage with another company for outsourcing services. Finding an outsourcing partner can be a daunting experience in and of itself.

However, once organizations understand how they can benefit from outsourcing, they open themselves to the possibility for serious growth, allowing them to scale effectively and efficiently.

At Synapsis, we know the challenges growing businesses face, and we’re there to support them every step of the way.

Broadcom and Shopee Join Synapsis

We have been delivering premium augmentation and outsourcing services to various clients since 2003. Most recently, our little-known Uruguayan BPO garnered the trust of the tech giants Broadcom and Shopee as its outsourcing partner.

ISO-9001 Certified & 18 Years in the Business

Clutch Badge for top bpo companies
Synapsis Smart Outsourcing, Top BPO 2021

“Little-known” is by no means pejorative: Synapsis is ISO-9001-certified, and has been in business for over 18 years, delivering results for international clients like Coca-Cola, Banco Itaú, HSBC, MetLife, and Nike.

Synapsis Smart Outsourcing = Happy Customers

Our team of specialists is able to quickly scale capacity for all outsourced business processes. We excel at providing this type of vertical and horizontal scaling, on a per-client basis.

This adaptability has been met with profound appreciation by our clients: 95% of Synapsis’ customers are extremely satisfied with the BPO’s performance.

Technology is at the Core of Synapsis

Synapsis is a technology company at heart. “Technology is embedded in our DNA,” says Sebastián Sosa, Synapsis’ CEO. “It’s the reason why we are able to provide scalable outsourcing services.” Indeed, our BPO provides technical support, back office process outsourcing and automation, income generation, and more to over 30 clients worldwide, helping them find more opportunities for growth as they integrate technology-first outsourcing services into their business.

What the Clutch Award Means for Synapsis

Clutch announces the companies that are the best in their industry each year, and Synapsis was acknowledged as one of the highest-performing agencies in 2021.

The recognition by Clutch is humbling, and helps us place Synapsis where it really belongs: on the international stage. We sincerely appreciate the acknowledgment as a world-class outsourcer, and we believe it will inevitably increase our awareness in new markets so we can continue growing our international clientele.

Gonzalo Carrion | Business Manager, Synapsis Smart Outsourcing

Our Clients Say it Best

Take a look at our most recent review:

They really take the customer-first approach seriously, following up with every customer to ensure that there was no uncertainty as they worked through an issue.

Philip Morley | Former Senior Director of Tech Support, Symantec

You can find similar reviews about our previous and ongoing projects by checking out our profile on Clutch.

If you or your team are considering outsourcing services, drop us a message to learn how cost-efficient outsourcing can boost your business in 2021.

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