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We combine 18 years of experience with technology, automation, and a highly trained team to enhance the competitiveness of our clients, identifying opportunities for optimization in their business processes and designing tailor-made services.

About Synapsis

Synapsis is an organization dedicated to strategic outsourcing for various business processes, offering a unique combination of top-notch human talent with the latest technology.

Synapsis was founded in 2003 with the idea that high-quality outsourcing should be widely available to companies in Latin America. Today, Synapsis is a proud partner of organizations around the globe. We offer a strategic overview, coupled with leading tech and automations, to provide a comprehensive and unique value to our clients.

Using a state-of-the-art omnichannel Contact Center platform, we offer customer service and technical support from our offices in Montevideo. We expertly identify and attracting potential clients for your organization, and we offer “back office” solutions to provide efficient support to the processes initiated from interactions.

As business process consultants, we want to be a pillar of growth and continuous improvement for all our clients. At Synapsis, we provide a professional service that remains compliant with technical standards, both in training our dedicated staff, and in building a lasting relationship with our clients.


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Outsourcing Services

Customer Support

Caring for our customers and their main asset, their customers, has been one of the fundamental premises of Synapsis since its inception. Starting out as a small call center, Synapsis has transformed and evolved substantially, becoming a provider of an extensive suite of BPO services.

Our aim is to facilitate our clients to create a meaningful and lasting relationships with their clients. For this, our business runs with the latest generation of contact center (Genesys) and CRM tools. Our staff of more than 350 employees operates globally backed by international certifications. Synapsis stands out for having COPC certified and registered coordinators who establish the criteria we use to operate on a daily basis.

Tech Support

We understand the importance of systems and workflows, and we have a keen understanding of the challenges inherent in technical support operations—particularly given our origin as a technology company. We strive to work side-by-side with our clients in the optimization of the use of their key technological tools, both internally within the organization and towards the end users.

Enhancing our call center capabilities, we add value to our services, adapting to the degree of complexity required by the client’s objectives. In this way, we are able to offer a range of services, from computer help desk, to highly specialized technical support services through a strong commitment to service, adherence to processes, and technical support based on experience and knowledge.

Revenue Generation

We work to identify, inform, and attract potential customers of your business. From market research to the entire implementation of your business plan, our team is highly trained to boost your income, going beyond the “traditional” role of a contact center. Some of our services include:

  • Implementation of commercial strategies.
  • Implementation of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Traditional tele-sales (up selling, cross selling).
  • Inside sales.
  • Appoinment lead generation.
  • Lead qualification.
  • Sales over qualified leads.

Back Office

Back Office services are a fundamental complement to Contact Center operations. The particularity of each organization, down to the level of each individual, business model, industry, and systems, allows us to pay attention to data, gaining valuable insights into day-to-day operations. We wholeheartedly believe that upper management executives need to simplify the tasks of registering, filing, consulting, transferring and reusing documents. This is why Synapsis is flexible and practical, able to manage—and focus on—the most relevant information for our clients and their needs.

Some of the Back office outsourcing services we provide include:

  • Control of contractual documentation.
  • Services activation.
  • Management of returned shipments.
  • Digitization of data.
  • Management of sales channels (Channel Enablement), and many more.


Some of the organizations that trust Synapsis Smart Outsourcing

Working @ Synapsis

At Synapsis, we are driven by challenges and we are motivated by our close proximity to other peers, both to solve the practical needs of consumers, to help find opportunities for improvement for our customers, and also to share the work space between colleagues.

Synapsis has been growing steadily over the years, and we are going to continue on this path.

We are looking for people who:

  • Want to learn and teach in a stimulating environment
  • Are interested in learning as much as they are in working
  • Have excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • Are active and entrepreneurial

If you are interested in joining the team, use the chat prompt below:

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